30 days of testing challenge (alex)

Yesterday I saw an interesting tweet following @ministryoftest stating that someone had just completed their 30 days of testing challenge.

As being challenged is the best driver for improvement I read about the challenge and decided to accept.

30 days of testing is a challenge providing 1 small task for each day of July. The tasks represent either practical testing challenges (like finding a user experience problem) or actions that, if done correctly, empower you to broaden your mind (like finding and using a new tool) and to share your experience with your fellow testers (like pair testing with someone).

Luckily August has the same amount of days as July – so I am able take the challenge without any adjustments. I started by buying How Google Tests Software – a book I wanted to read for some time now. A quick win for challenge #1, 29 + 1 challenges to go – I am excited to see what I will learn!


August 1st, 2016 by