For quite some time I’ve had some musings on a fundamental post about quality. All ideas were based on my personal, deepest feelings for the importance of quality. I wanted to answer these two questions:

  1. How should quality be treated?
  2. How can quality be achieved?

Finally, I found the time to write the post starting a blog series at the AIT blog. My (German) post can be found there.

To give a short answer to the above questions, summarizing the post: Quality is paramount! By delivering a high degree of quality you don’t only solve a problem. You help your customer by solving his problem. A problem he might not even had fully understood. By doing so you document your insight into your customer’s needs and your mastery of the tools of the trade. A high degree of quality will only be achieved reliably by implementing appropriate quality assurance measures throughout the whole application lifecycle process: You will have to ensure a high degree of quality during requirements engineering, development, testing and monitoring to deliver the product your customer will love.

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